The Interpreting Institute for Reflection-in-Action and Supervision (IIRAS) is an international collaborative designed to promote and advance the practice of quality supervision in interpreting. 

Our Team

Robyn Dean


Robyn K. Dean has been an interpreter for over 25 years, with particular service experience in medical and mental health settings. She conducts workshops internationally on the topics of ethics, reflective practice, and work effectiveness, with particular emphasis on healthcare interpreting and professional development. Robyn’s demand control schema has been the topic of numerous presentations, publications, grant projects, and most recently a textbook, which is being used in interpreter education programs across the globe. Robyn continues her research on ethics, decision-making, and moral development in community interpreting. Robyn completed her PhD from Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, Scotland, in June 2015. Her dissertation examines the ethical discourse and justice reasoning abilities in sign language interpreters.

Amanda Smith

MA, CI/CT, NIC Master, SC:L, Ed: K-12

Amanda Smith is a nationally certified interpreter and an Associate Professor of Interpreting Studies at Western Oregon University. She has been honored to serve as a Field Consultant for a FIPSE (Fund for Improvement of Postsecondary Education) funded Demand Control Schema dissemination project through the University of Rochester Medical Center (2007-2010). In 2007, Amanda completed her MA in Interpreter Pedagogy at Northeastern University. Her current research interest is in examining the impact of professional’s intrapersonal landscape on their practice. Over the past five years she has presented on topics such as infusing the demand-control schema in interpreter education curriculum, professional supervision, interpreting for educational interpreters, courtroom interpreting, and research on graduation, certification and readiness-to-work of WOU graduates.

Jenna Curtis


Jenna Curtis is a freelance interpreter in Portland, Oregon, working primarily in post-secondary, community, and business settings. She graduated from Western Oregon University with a  B.A. in ASL/English Interpreting in 2011 and an M.A.in Interpreting Studies with a teaching emphasis in 2017. She conducted her graduate research on the benefits of demand-control schema supervision for the interpreting field and practitioners. Jenna has been presenting workshops, leading supervision sessions, and training interpreters on the demand-control schema and supervision since 2012. For the last 5 years she has coordinated Western Oregon University's grant-funded Professional Supervision for Interpreting Practice (PSIP) Program, a one year post-graduate program that provides mentoring and supervision for recent graduates entering the field.

We offer both in-person and remote supervision and reflective practice opportunities for interpreters. To learn more about what we can offer visit the services page. 

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